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Lacking the background knowledge and expertise to "take authority" over such a task, the next best thing I can do is help coordinate it, which I am happy to do.  I envision going through a given article or blog, listing the "hard words" and then either going back to the author or to someone else responsible for posting, having them give me the definitions and then moving those definitions into a running glossary.

Of course, a computer function making definitions available via "mousing over" highlighted or different-colored words would be better, depending on how much of a PITA factor this would constitute for the  site management tech folks.

It would also be necessary to maintain a "work in progress" status for each definition to accommodate differences in views that will inevitably surface among your many knowledgeable members.  Sometimes "six" and "half a dozen" are interchangeable, sometimes not, etc. 


The Mayor said:

CK, you are right, I believe every one could benefit of this! Why don't you start it? :) Create a blog post or a group about it and rock on. We can even feature it in the sidebar. :)

CK said:

It also just occurred to me -- now that I am starting to "get my feet wet" reading some of the blogs and other content -- that I and other newbies would benefit greatly from some kind of a glossary where definitions of technical terms that seasoned veterans take for granted would be readily available.  Ideally, the terms could be a different color and "moused over" for instant relief. Alternatively, there might be a glossary site from which to bounce back and forth.

We could also develop a word game to make it easier for newbies to learn new words and thereby "brush up on their foreign language skills."

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