I have a common problem.  I have developed several worthwhile games, ready to line shelves of game stores and make the world a better place.  Yet there are no easy avenues to get them produced.  

I have been wondering for years if a game designers' guild would help.  If all the wannabe game designers like me collectively took a stake in each other's games, and pushed games forward.  I could imagine establishing a means of producing small-run games at low cost.  We could contribute our individual strengths to help each other get over humps in the design process.  We could leverage our collective energy and use Kickstarter or other resource to get funding.  We could enlist smaller printers to generate production quality games.  We could collectively establish distribution channels.

I have a vision, a detailed plan, and even a domain name ;)

I would love to know - how does this idea sound to you?

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oh, ok, that sounds great!

so gameguild will be a platform that let multiple game developers to meet and collaborate on a project together and they would all receive a share to the ownership of the game? ... so essentially a kickstarter that asks for your time and effort rather than money to help launch a game?

Yes, Houle, you've got it.  I should have listed kickstarter as another related tool.  It can fund a project of any kind.  But it does not provide help.  And to get funding, your project must be almost finished, complete with graphics and even a video to boot.  

How gameguild would dispense credit/shares could be done several ways.  It could be optional on the part of the project owner.  Owners who dispense little credit would earn less respect from their peers and would be less able to attract future assistance.

oh, ok, that's very cool! So I guess we're working backwards to opensource and collaborate on creating an 'organization'! So is Gameguild also going to allow funding?

true, I guess that would work. But then what about copyrights and such because it looks like it could get kinda messy...

It's a solvable problem.  Best idea I think is to have projects belong to the owner/initiator, just as if they are not part of the guild.  The owner/initiator is bound by karma and loyalty to the guild, to give any rewards to other members or to the guild.  The more giving a owner/initiator is, the better reputation she gets in the future, and the more collaborators she attracts.

ok then, that sounds great!

one more question, how is this going to be built (in the collaborative nature like gameguild)? i think it'd be best to have something that works and then just add on to it as needed...i think....


Yes I agree.  The plan I have is to build basic functionality using the open source tool called Drupal (drupal.org), which powers over a million websites.  We could seek funding to flesh it out fully or build the specialized functionality ourselves, over time.  Here is my more detailed project plan


I signed up for the site. David. I'm eager to start helping on this project! Correspondence may go quicker by email, if you're interested in some rapid fire idea exchange. 

I sent you a message, Cicatricks, with my email.  Please feel free to contact me directly!



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