Introduce yourself and why you're interested in board and card games. Share a couple of favorite titles or a link to a work-in-progress, if you like. Also, feel free to shout out offers and opportunities for collaborating or partnering.

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I'm @HoppingFun, a writer and game designer who's managed to make a living at both (so far). I grew up in a family of game players and designed my first professional games (for classrooms) while working as an editor at Scholastic and then as a freelance writer.

I jumped from Scholastic to Aristoplay (now Talicor) in the early 1990s and had the sheer pleasure of being the product development director there for five years. We created 2-4 board games per year, some of them acquired and developed and some of them from idea to store shelf. My classic Mars 2020 is the only one still in print, but other titles are Top Dog, The Play's the Thing (Shakespeare), NOVA True Science (with, egads, 900 questions), and Herd Your Horses (our bestseller).

Back in the 80s, I wrote interactive adventure scripts for Scholastic software. (We called them Twistaplots.) I'm currently weaving between writing and game design on a number of projects, including a video game script for an archaeology game and trying to figure out what to do with several dozen out of print properties that are ripe for the digital treatment.

As a fulltime freelancer, I should also add that I'm constantly on the hunt for great projects that need my skills and colloborations and partnerships.

My website: Hopping Fun Creations


I'm Michael, or @cicatricks_ if you are a fan of the little blue bird. I'm 23 years old, and live in the Pacific Northwest. Some of my personal heroes include @lamemage, @StupidFunWill, and of coarse @avantgame. My passion for board games began as a child, when, unsatisfied with our game collection, I tried to convince people to play new games with me, using old pieces. And that is the idea of my start up: Innovation Fatigue. 

Innovation Fatigue creates games of all types which encourage players to examine the role of a global citizen, urging players to seek fulfillment and opportunity in places and times that would not normally be home to games. Innovation Fatigue insists that games are not to be confined to paper, board, disc or screen, but, rather, pushes players to live in their world and play in it too.

At Innovation Fatigue we solve new problems with old ideas. 

I'm working on a couple of projects.

The first is EXECUTIVE. EXECUTIVE aims to teach people about the ridiculous way Wallstreet handles money, investments, and corporate relationships. Players are encouraged to step into the shoes of well-to-do CEOs and create a profitable company while still holding on to their morals and humanity. 

After that is Choose Your Own Adventure game based on the language ChoiceScript that Choice of Games has created. Not to give anything away, but it deals heavily with self-identity and relationships with peers. 

I've got a couple of other projects stewing, but nothing done enough to present yet. 

I look forward to intelligent, insightful dialogue with each and every one of you!  



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