As an introduction to the lore project please provide a story about what got you into games. 

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Hello, I've been into video games since I was a child growing up with Playstation 1 games like Spiro and Crash Bandicoot. I was raised by my grandpa who would sit behind me and coach me threw the video games when I was much younger then I am now (I'm still pretty young though). Soon after I got into final fantasy and Maple Story which quickly got me obsessed with eastern culture, anime and Rpgs. In High school I started playing League of legends making it to a Platinum level player season 3, recently I quit playing LoL though to focus on progressing my life which is what brought me to Gameful. I've learned of many interesting things since then Like Gamification, Eye Wire, and Brain Workshop. 
Nice to meet everybody :)



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Thanks everyone!


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